How to Find Sex: the Art of the One Night Stand – Part 4 “Places to Meet Women”

Lyla Marsh, Author and Sexpert

Lyla Marsh, Author and Sexpert

Ironically, it’s usually the night when you’re tired and don’t feel like going out that turns out to be the most successful. So accept those invitations, the best way to meet women is to get out there. You can meet a woman anytime, anywhere, so always look your best! Even a Sunday morning trip to the supermarket could be an unprecedented success. However, you’re more likely to score a woman who is a friend of a friend rather than a complete stranger, because she’ll be more open to talking.

Here are a list of places you’re most likely to find her.

Coffee Shops
This is now the most common pick-up place, with men and women going there just to relax, see friends, read a book. They’re open day and night, can be empty or buzzing, so you can choose the moment. Also, people in coffee shops are usually drinking coffee which stimulates them and makes them more open and talkative.

A Party at Someone’s House
Here you will need to be well-behaved, as there won’t be a lot of people and you can’t just go around chatting girls up and handing round paper for them to write their phone numbers. Everyone will know each other somehow, so you can ask around later to hook up another meeting. Tip: If you never get invited to parties, throw your own and ask people to bring single friends.

Club meetings
Sports, photography, Greenpeace, church events, whatever interests you, and you will meet a like-minded person. The best way to meet a woman you have something in common with is to do whatever interests you. Plus you can get to know her over a period of time.

Art galleries, Libraries, Museums
A lot of women are interested in art, and a lot of libraries have cafes these days where you could take her for a coffee to continue the seduction. The great thing about art galleries and museums is they’re full of topics for discussion. She’ll also be impressed by how “cultured” you are.

Walking your dog in the park
Animals are great for breaking the ice – they wouldn’t have a clue about sexual tension or social etiquette – and if your dog’s busy sniffing hers, well, you have to stop and talk, don’t you? If you don’t have a dog, borrow one!

A Bar
One plus of the bar scenario is it’s often crowded, so it seems more natural to start a conversation with the person next to you, and as alcohol is often an ingredient the bar meeting can be very successful. Be careful though, as the bar is also a cliché of the sleazy pick-up joint and a lot of women are wary of this. If you do go “out” to a bar or club, go with another guy friend or better still with some female friends as well, as this tells women that you see females as people and not just prospective lays.

A Laundromat
The perfect pick-up place as everybody’s sitting round together doing a boring chore. Liven up her day by starting a conversation.

A Dance Club
Not recommended as a place to meet women – the noise renders conversation impossible, looks are the most important thing here and drugs are often a factor.

The Internet and Group Dating
In this Cyber-age, the ideal place to practise seduction is online, especially if you’re shy or have trouble dealing with rejection. You can visit a Chat-room, of which there are many in themes of every kind, type with a group, then start messaging privately someone you like. The best part is, monogamy isn’t an issue! Chatting can lead to cyber-sex, real sex, or even more, as there are stories of people who fell in love over the Internet and lived happily ever after. Whatever rocks your boat, you’ll find it here. Just don’t lose touch with the real women out there.

Group dating is often praised by people as it’s safety in numbers; everyone’s nervous and in the same boat so it’s less one-to-one. It does mean that there’s more competition for the one attractive woman at the table though, so maybe try it alone before you resort to this.


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