Adult Dating Debacle

Probably some of you will be familiar with this debacle, but thought I’d link it for any who aren’t. I guess it makes (in a way that–shame on me–I do find slighty funny) a pretty good case for keeping your wits about you out there.

Unfortunately for those of you who’re genuine, a sizable chunk of the people making hookup profiles or posting NSA type ads aren’t. At least these guys were just doing it for chuckles; a lot of the time I spend on the site involves deleting fake/spam profiles. (I spend almost as much time again deleting pictures of guys’ peckers. PEOPLE: GIVE IT UP ALREADY.)

Anyway it’s a real hassle, and a constant source of frustration. It’s also the reason why we make you jump through a few hoops (well okay, one hoop – email verification) before you can start messaging people.

Okay, enough ranting about my sorry excuse for a life. Let’s just end it here with the fervent and heartfelt wish that one day I’ll be as awesome as this guy:



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  1. Natalie
    November 18, 2009 at 2:12 am #

    I just dumped a guy for the very same thing and he was shocked and sent me some very nasty text messages. I didn’t meet him online, so it is not just online that this happens

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